Seeing Civilizations From Space

NASA’s image of the day on April 12, 2017 was of this Western hemisphere view of Earth at night. Hotspots of human activity can be seen by patches of visible light. While images like this aren’t new to us, advances in imaging technology will make high definition images like this one available on a daily basis by […]

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Revision of the Drake Equation

  The Drake Equation is a way for scientists to estimate the number of communicating civilizations. It takes into account seven variables such as the number of suitable stars, the number of planets that are at the right temperature for liquid water to exist, and the lifetime of communicating civilizations. In the 1960s, researchers used […]

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X-Ray Burst Baffles Scientists

In 2014, NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory spotted a large, sudden flash, producing the deepest x-ray image ever. Today, this flash still baffles scientists who are attempting to understand its origin. It was given the name CDF-S XT1 and was spotted in an area of the sky known as the Chandra Deep Field South. When the […]

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Don’t Let Botanical Greenhouses Fool You! The Greenhouse Effect is Slightly Different Than What You Probably Think It Is

Botanical greenhouses always seem to be warm even when the weather outside is cool. Their structures are built out of glass, which allows light to pass through and reach the plants. These plants absorb infrared, visible, and UV light, and in turn, give off heat. This heat becomes trapped in the structure, as it can’t […]

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Why is the Moon so Crater-y?

Have you ever wondered why the Moon is full of so many craters?  The surface of the Moon is so textured that many of its topographic features are visible from Earth with the naked eye. Most people would say that all of the crater scars on the Moon’s surface are a result of meteor impacts. […]

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Gravity in Space?

Videos of astronauts floating around inside space shuttles have led many to believe that gravity does not exist in space. However, this is simply not true. While the force of gravity affects, for example, astronauts who are orbiting the Earth in the International Space Station differently than it affects us, it still exists in space, […]

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